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Changing Courses & Universities

Course Change? Or didn’t like your current Institute!

A majority of students want to opt for course change after they land in Australia. Some of them would like to join cheaper colleges to save on the fees or simply want to join their friends. There is nothing wrong with it. However the home affairs has put some constraints on it so that people do not abuse this privilege.

At Eilinks, Our aim is to lead you towards right course at right institute as per your educational and financial background. We make course change transition easier and smooth while keeping you legitimate in Australia. 

Our experienced team selects the best option for you by analyzing your qualification and the financial limitations. After analysis, we suggest an appropriate course and institute in which you may achieve you dreams with comfort and luxury vis-à-vis no worry for fee structure.

Course Change at Eilinks

Changing Courses OR Universities Might Cause Visa Cancellations

Changing Course or institutes is a critical matter. Newly arrived students do not usually have specific knowledge of immigration laws and restrictions imposed on student visas.  Hence, doing this course change by their own have serious impacts on their visas.

We are registered agent and do the right thing. Therefore everything we do is well aligned with Department of Immigration’s guidelines. We believe in Win Win situations. So coming to us will not cost you anything at all, but you will get that what you want in the right way.

Free Consulting for International Students

As mentioned earlier, changing universities and courses with Eilinks Education and Immigration consulting is free. With this in mind, there is no reason not to get our free help in this regard. All you need is just make a phone, whatsapp or skype call and you would be absolutely in safe hands.

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